These 9 Cool Jobs Can Take You Abroad

These 9 Cool Jobs Can Take You Abroad

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In a perfect world, many professionals would say that though they may love their jobs, they’d love it even more if they could do said jobs from anywhere in the world and still get paid for it.

What if you found out that that perfect world can exist for you, and you can begin living in it right now. recently released invaluable insight on nine jobs that may be available to you abroad and how you can go about getting them.

1. English Teacher

You’d be surprised to learn how many countries are looking for qualified individuals, much like yourself, to teach English to non-native English speakers. Many of these jobs allow you to stay with a local family, while living abroad, and lounge, for free, in exchange for teaching family the English language.

To work at a school abroad, many places require a college degree with a certification to teach English as a second language.

2. Flight Attendant

With a high school diploma and a little additional training, flight attendants are granted the opportunity (required, really) to travel and see the world as part of their job description. With a median salary of about $36,093, flight attendants can take advantage of free air travel for themselves, and oftentimes, their families.

3. Cruise Ship Worker

Much like flight attendants, the job description alone requires travel; it’s all just a matter of you taking full advantage of the places you visit. With a plethora of job opportunities including performer, bartender, server, casino worker, chef, hospitality and so much more, cruise ships offer an array of positions for you to find your fit. Many jobs aboard a cruise ship do not require a college degree and can be obtained with adequate relevant experience.

4. Travel Nurse

If you’re interested in being a travel nurse, you certainly have a great shot as the position is much needed all around the world from India to the Dominican Republic, to Cambodia and beyond. To quality for these positions, you need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing and/or other certifications and typically at least one year of experience within a hospital setting.

5. Yoga Teacher

You may have noticed that yoga is the craze right now. Well, it’s like that all over the world. The demand for teachers is expanding as people are traveling far and wide for yoga instruction. To become an instructor, you must rigorously train individually or with certifying agencies.

6. Farmer

With organizations like the Peace Corp., and others, you can work as a farmer in many places around the world, for pay, or you may volunteer your services in exchange for food and lodging. These opportunities are even available to those with no farming experience.

7. Professional Room Renter

Yes, this is an actual opportunity that exists. If you’re savvy enough, you could potentially rent out your home and have that rent cover your own travel expenses. The only requirement here is that you know what you’re doing.

8. Marine Animal Trainer

Some of the world’s zoos and parks are looking for candidates who love animals and want nothing more than to work closely with them. The Marine Animal Trainers’ Association is a great resource for those who are looking to find internships or jobs in the field. In some cases, a college degree may not be required.

9. Scuba Instructor

If you know how to teach scuba, there are opportunities waiting for you all over the world to teach others how to dive or do exactly what you do. In order to qualify for this position you must be a certified diver for six months and have logged at least 60 dives.

Anymore working abroad opportunities come to mind? Do share!