8 Gadgets for New Parents

Whoa, Baby! 8 Gadgets for New Parents

Huggies MomInspiredâ„¢ Grant program

Huggies MomInspiredâ„¢ Grant programRemember when wipe warmers, electric baby mobiles and diaper genies were considered ground breaking? Maybe not for all parents-to-be–like those who just knew they’d see the day when their bundle of joy would be a tech-toting babe before the sand box—but many who are greatly impressed by the latest baby care essentials. However, they come at a large price tag.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy mom or dad (or not), Mashable pinpointed eight over-the-top baby gadgets that both parents and new baby can enjoy:


The smartphone-enabled ultrasound machine lets parents take a peek at baby-to-be whenever they want. Mobisante is designed for medical professionals, but those who can foot the bill for $7,400 can get their hands on one.


Bet you didn’t know your baby could tweet or send texts from the womb! The Kickbee, which is an elastic band embedded with vibration sensors, automatically posts to Twitter or deploys a text message when the baby moves or kicks.

Onda Luxury Bubbles

Why bathe baby in the kitchen sink when you can get a mini whirlpool for your bundle of joy. The luxurious baby bath comes equipped with whirlpool jets, a built-in digital thermometer and LED lights, among other relaxing features. It’ll cost new parents $2,600.

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