77-Year-Old Great Grandmother Run Track

[WATCH] 77-Year-Old Great Grandmother Run Track

(Image: trackandturf.com)

Rose Green may be a 77-year-old great grandmother, but she hasn’t allowed her senior citizen status to keep her from running track almost seven days a week.

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According to DC News Fox 5, Green an award winning track sprinter, took up running just last year and has already won medals in the 200 meters, the 400 meters, and is the American record holder in the 60-meter sprint.

With the help of Austin Cortez, Greens trainer and “boo,” she is one of the best in the world in her age group.

“I hate that term – ‘your boo,’” Austin said to DC Fox 5. “She is definitely my boo.”

[Below: Watch the DC News Fox 5 video below to learn more about Rose Green]