7 Signs Your Interview Didn’t Go As Well as You Thought

7 Signs Your Interview Didn’t Go as Well as You Thought

(Image: iStock.com/dima_sidelnikov)

We’ve all been there–you had a great interview, with every question knocked out of the park with the perfect answer. There’s an undeniable vibe between you and the interviewer, and you are already picturing where you’ll sit in the office. You leave the building, looking at your phone, waiting for the offer call, because, clearly, you nailed it. And then–nothing.

After being completely convinced that you have a job in the bag, only to discover that you don’t, incites feelings of rejection that can be pretty hard to swallow. Below are a few signs that can let you know if the job you interviewed for is actually not your next professional opportunity, despite that assured inkling that tells you it is.

Check out these clues, to help you keep your excitement in check:

1. You Weren’t Offered Many Follow Up Questions


Your interviewer would likely want to know all there is to know about you, in relation to the work you would be doing and the people you would be working with. If you find that after two or three questions your interviewer isn’t inquiring about much more, they’re probably just not that into you.

2. You’re Selling More Than You’re Being Sold


Sure, you want the interviewer to like you, but if they’re interested, they will want you to like them, too. If you’re laying all of your cards on the table, but they’re holding their hand close to their chest, that is not a good sign. If the interviewer doesn’t want to lose you to the next good offer, they will do what they can to show you all they have to offer you in the workplace.

3. You Were Supposed to Meet With Someone Else During or After Your Interview, but That Person Became Suddenly Unavailable


If at the start of your initial interview, you’re told that you’ll be meeting with someone else immediately following, but after your interview concludes, that someone is suddenly unable to meet with you, take it as a sign that the interviewer would rather not waste their colleague’s time. No, they didn’t have to take a phone call, and no, they didn’t have to rush into an emergency meeting. They were tipped-off to not to waste their time, so don’t waste yours by continuing to hold out hope for this position.

4. You Get a Vague Response After Inquiring About When You Should Hear Back 


You: Thank you so much! When can I expect to hear back?

Them: Uhh…Someone should be in touch at some point.

If the progression of your conversation resembles this one, it’s probably in your best interest to continue submitting resumes.

5. No One Replies to Your ‘Thank You’ Email


After leaving an interview that you think you nailed, you might be excited to send a follow-up email to remain at the forefront of their minds. However, if after a few days you still don’t receive a reply to your initial ‘thank you’ note, assume that their reply is, “No, thank you.”

6. The Job Is Still Posted Weeks After You “Nailed” Your Interview 


They’re still looking for someone that suits their vision of the right candidate. Move on.

7. On Your Way Out, You Don’t Get the “Expect to Hear From us on the Next Steps in ___ Days” Assurance Response


It’s all in the exit. As your interview concludes, if you aren’t receiving hints that the job is yours, don’t make any assumptions. Try not to read too much into smiles and pats on the back. If you’re really wanted, you never have to guess.


If these things did or didn’t happen to you, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and continue your job search. Our feelings can often be misleading and our confidence, blinding. Always be sure to carefully read the signs.