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7 Diversity Professionals Who Are Changing the Game

Patricia J. Crawford
Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion
Wells Fargo & Co.

The new Wells Fargo (post merger with Wachovia) continues to make strides in its diversity practices under the leadership of its Sr. VP, Head of Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion Pat Crawford. “Diversity is not just a numbers game,” explains Crawford. “It’s about creating a culture that allows employees to feel supported and valued.”

The financial services company has a history of philanthropy with nonprofits and puts more than 36% of its advertising budget toward reaching diverse consumer markets. When it comes to supplier diversity Wells Fargo spends $590 million with certified minority-owned businesses and has set a target of spending $1 billion annually by 2013. The company has also loaned more than $38 billion dollars to African American, Latino, Asian, and women-owned businesses since 1995.

Wells Fargo has nine employee networks that help develop business plans and business engagement. Crawford is responsible for the recently restructured 30-member Executive Diversity Council, which now seeks to improve its methods for measuring achievements and holding leaders accountable for diversity goals.

Today, 25% of senior managers and officers at Wells Fargo are minorities. As of 2009, 1.3% senior managers and 5.5% of first and midlevel managers were African American. “That is where we are putting a lion’s share of work right now. Where we need to do a better job of diversity is at the top of the house, at our most senior ranks,” says Crawford.

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