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6 Website Mistakes You’re (Probably) Making Right Now

Website Mistakes
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An effective web presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes in today’s marketplace.

It’s imperative that your target audience not only be able to find you online but also be able to explore your website with ease. Back during the Stone Ages of the Internet many website owners thought their websites needed to be fancy and full of flash. This thinking led scores of entrepreneurs to commit some unforgivable sins in the design, practicality, and functionality of their websites.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

Where Is It?

Website navigation is very important. People typically visit sites with a specific goal in mind. If they don’t find what they are looking for quickly, they’ll likely leave without satisfying their original goal. Organization and website structure have to be both simple and effective.

What Do You Want Them To Do?

There has to be a clear call to action. Do you want visitors to download a free pdf? Do you want them to give you their email address? Do you want them to call you? Your site will be unsuccessful if your target audience visits the site without some immediate direction about what they should do next. A simple “click here” button will not suffice, especially, when a prospect’s met with content overflow in and around the button. Remember, size, location and color play a huge role in drawing the attention of potential clients.

Looks Matter

Color and contrast may seem elementary, but they make a critical difference. If your site’s not aesthetically pleasing, visitors will likely go to a competitor’s site without even reading your content or exploring your site. This doesn’t mean you should trash your site with difficult-to-read  fonts and tons of graphics, it just means you should consider the impact color and other elements have on a visitor’s experience.

Say It Simply

Content is extremely important, however, being too verbose may distract your visitors. Depending on your audience, it’s best to keep your content concise and written at the fifth-grade level. Be sure to proofread. You don’t want your content riddled with grammatical errors because most readers will be instantly turned off.

Keep It Mobile

Something often overlooked is mobile optimization. It’s estimated that 90% of the world’s population has access to a mobile device. This means most people will visit your site from their phones and tablets. If your site’s not optimized for mobile devices, you may lose that potential business.

What’s It All About?

One of the most visited pages on a website is the About page. Make sure you’ve given visitors enough information about you or your company to entice them to stay at your site a little longer. Most of all, make it easy to do business with you or contact you from this page. Include related links so that visitors don’t have to spend hours trying to find the link to call or email you.

If you’re looking for a simple alternative to the sometimes complicated world of websites, WordPress is a great alternative. Check out WordPress Explained, a course that walks you through the process of getting your site online and ready to do business.


Fran Harris is a business explosion expert, CEO of a digital marketing agency, and founder & CEO of Black Business University, the world’s first online course marketplace for black entrepreneurs, CEOs, and companies, featuring hundreds of on-demand courses to help you grow your business.