6 Unique Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation

6 Unique Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation

(Image: Pinterest)

Not sure where to spend your next vacation? How to save money for your trip of a lifetime? Or which hotel to choose? Pinterest is a powerful vacation inspiration and planning platform for everyone.  With nearly 50 million active users in the United States, Pinterest users looking for travel ideas can browse everything from exotic honeymoon destinations to the best routes for an epic road trip across the United Sates.

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Here are 6 pinteresting ways to get you started. Ready…Set..Pin, Pack and Go:

  1. Browse and follow other travelers for inspiration, like Caz and Craig of ytravelblog. Over 4 million pinners follow their boards for insider travel tips and inspiration. Jetsetter and Mapquest are some additional boards to follow for travel tips, ideas and essentials.
  2. Create a Gifts for the Traveler board. Pin travel accessories, luggage and toiletries. Invite your family and friends to check out your boards to consider giving you a travel gift for your next holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.
  3. Follow Travels to Get Now by Budget.com and Money Saving Ideas board to figure out what you can afford and how to go about saving for your next vacation.
  4. Pin a visual things to do list-include everything from packing tips to must do activities.
  5. Create a food and/or shopping board based on your chosen destination e.g., Latin food, Italian leather, Paris vintage shops, etc.
  6. Save and Print your board to a PDF documents. Place the printed copy on the refrigerator, bedroom wall or around your desk at work to inspire you and serve as a constant reminder of your next vacation.

Ultimately, just pin and have fun with it. If the picture makes your heart skip a beat or you have to do a double take, pin it now, think about how you’re going to make it happen later.

Do you use Pinterest for travel? If so, share your favorite boards with me below.