5 Ways to Govern Your Office Romance

5 Ways to Govern Your Office Romance

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Though a bit of a touchy subject here, as opinions on the matter widely vary, the fact of the matter is that we spend tons of time at work, which can equate to tons of quality time with coworkers. This can ultimately lead to an attraction, which can then create an office romance. It’s the oldest workplace story in the books.

If this is the route you decide to take, it would behoove you to do what you can to govern your office romance, as to not have it affect your work environment or that of your significant other’s.

Here’s how:

1. Privacy is Paramount

When it comes to your developing romance, consider less as more. The less people know the ins and outs of your relationship, the less of a possibility there will be for unwarranted gossip, input, and confusion.

2. Leave Outside Issues Outside the Office

Relationships aren’t always peachy, and sometimes there may be disagreements and tensions. That’s perfectly okay–when it’s all left at home. The workplace is hectic enough without you adding your personal drama to the mix. There’s a time and place for everything–even arguing. Your work hours is not the time, and your job certainly isn’t the place.

3. Respect the People Around You

Understand and respect coworker boundaries. Your coworkers are there to work, not to hear about your latest rendezvous, sweet nothings whispered to your significant other, or rants about who left the dishes out. They’d really rather not know, so spare them.

4. Pardon the P.D.A

Blatant, public displays of affection can be acringe worthy when seen on the streets, so imagine the offense to the eyes when displayed in the workplace. During office hours, please feel free to keep your hands, lips, and other objects completely to yourself.

5. If All Else Fails, All is Still Well

A great caution against workplace romances is that, should the romance end, the results of that separation can take a toll, not only on the uncoupled, but also on the entire work environment. Though it may be difficult, you must maintain the highest levels of professionalism, despite your personal thoughts and/or feelings about the break-up. Regardless of how things end, your ex should never feel any less than a coworker, and still be regarded with the utmost respect while in the office setting. It’s just the mature thing to do.

Any more tips for governing a romance in the workplace? Do share!