5 Types of Co-workers You Must Be Wary Of

5 Types of Co-workers You Should Be Wary Of

(Image: iStock.com/Ferran Traite Soler)

There is nothing quite like working in an environment where everyone is generally pleasant, co-workers are actually doing their jobs and, for the most part, there isn’t much drama swarming the building.

However, even in what seemingly appears to be the most functional working conditions, you may rest assured that there are a few co-workers that it would be in your best interest to avoid if you’d like to maintain your peace and sanity.

Peep the types of co-workers you should keep on a strictly “hi” and “bye” basis below:

The Gossiper

If they are talking about others to you, trust they are also talking to others about you. What makes you think you get exclusive rights to their loyalty? Sorry to break it to you, but you don’t. If they’re eager to share someone else’s business they’d be all the more eager to share yours. Don’t engage. Nod, smile, play clueless, be vague and write them off as “knowing where to keep them.”

The Pessimist

Sure, every job has those few (or many) aspects that you wish were different, but if your co-worker tends to constantly find everything wrong, something’s wrong. No one likes a Negative Nancy. Ask yourself why are they still here if it’s just that bad? Don’t allow yourself to be the company for their misery. It’s contagious and fruitless. Beware.

The Suck-up

Understand that these people will often do anything to obtain the approval of the boss, even if it means throwing you under the bus. Yes, you, ideally, want your boss to like you, but at what cost? Align yourself with those who prefer to let their work speak louder than their mouths.

The Idle

Why does this person never have anything to do? In a workplace, that’s a little weird. The person who tends to spend most of the day floating around the office or hanging out at your desk is either avoiding or displacing their work. These employees typically are distractions and bad influences. Also, if you notice that they’re rarely working, others, including your boss, likely notices too. Never forget that association brings on assimilation. Keep your distance if only to preserve your reputation.

The Thief

There is always that one co-worker who does little but claims lots. Avoid allowing this type of worker into your space. Their antics are frustrating as they’re constantly on the prowl for your ideas, your resources, and your energy. This simply can’t fly. It’s all fun and games until they’re taking credit and being promoted for all the hard work you’ve done. Feel free to keep your brilliance to yourself.

Missing any on this list? Please do share your insight and help save us all.