5 Tips to Look (and Feel) Your Best At Work

5 Tips to Look (and Feel) Your Best at Work

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Whether you are on the job search and starting a round of interviews, or you have been working at your company for a couple of years, how you present yourself can make all of the difference in your success. Don’t compromise your intelligence and work ethic by dressing unprofessionally. Your image can have more influence on your work performance than you may think. At Be Inspired PR, I expect our employees to dress professionally and take pride in their appearance.

Look Good, Feel Good


How you feel about yourself can have a huge effect on your mood and translate over to your work. Whenever I go to a networking event or a presentation, I always make sure that I am wearing an outfit that I look and feel great in, because I want to stay focused on performance, rather than worrying about how I look. When I feel great in an outfit, my confidence is immediately boosted, and I am more likely to perform better. Your conscious mind has the immense power to help you shape your reality. By having confidence in yourself, dressing the part, and perceiving that you are capable of a task, you enhance your ability to actually achieve your goals. Looking good on the outside leaves you feeling good on the inside and can lead to a productive, successful day.

Send the Right Message


When you are dressed professionally, people will respect you. Office attire conveys so much more than we think. Putting thought and time into how you are showing up to work shows your fellow employees, boss, and clients that you are serious, capable, and care about what you do. Look and dress the part to gain the respect that you deserve and always make a good first impression. You never know who you may meet on a day-to-day basis, so dressing well will guarantee that you are always ready.

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