5 Reasons Women CEOs Are Awesome

5 Reasons Women CEOs Are Awesome

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In a new analysis from Fortune, a study showed that there are more female CEOs on record at Fortune 1000 companies than ever before. Why is this such a monumental moment in business? Sit tight, we’ll show you!

“Fortune 1000 companies with female chiefs outperformed the S&P 500 index over their respective tenures,” wrote the publication’s Caroline Fairchild. What this breaks down to is that, in general, female CEOs’ overall performance are higher than their male counterparts when it comes to stock market returns.

This isn’t the only area where women have excelled. As the study reports, the number of female-led Fortune 500 companies has grown from just two in 1998 to 24 in 2014, which marks an all-time high. True, there are incredible disparities in equal pay between men and women, but this is a silver lining for those looking on the bright side of life.

With these intriguing factors, Black Enterprise lists why women CEOs are just plain awesome!