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The 4 ‘P’s to Building a Standout Brand Online


The digital landscape is overcrowded and constantly changing. So one of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition is to incorporate your unique perspective, process, personality—and a lot of patience—into your marketing strategy for your personal brand. To get you started, check out the four  “P”s for building a standout brand online.


Share your point of view or unconventional career advice on hot topics, trends, or industry news. For instance,

  • Start a conversation on Twitter or Facebook about a recent industry change or your biggest industry pet peeve and share your unique approach (Ex: Facebook is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Do to Now).
  • Connect your expertise and point of view to a trending topic and create something of value. For instance, personal finance expert Ash Cash was inspired by Jay-Z’s recent album 4:44, so he took the lessons learned and decided to turn it into a financial self-help book.



How do you deliver unique value to your colleagues, superiors, clients, or target audience? Share your process behind the scenes or show how you meet the needs of a particular group. For example:

  • A luxury handbag designer might share photos or videos on Instagram or Facebook of how she sources fabrics made in Italy.
  • Typically, it takes 2-3 hours to install hair extensions, but a stylist might use YouTube to film her process for a 60-minute hair weave.



People buy into people; especially when it comes to establishing a connection with your online audience and turning followers into customers. Trust is the foundation of all relationships, so don’t be afraid to share your quirky, humorous, or straight talk, no chaser type of personality. For instance, share the following:

  • Lifestyle topics or causes you’re passionate about
  • The types of books you enjoy
  • Your unique flair for words or phrases.



 When it comes to growing your influence online, people don’t win by accident, especially when it comes to making money online. Use a calendar to plan your content 3- 6 months ahead and cultivate trust and reliability by engaging with your audience and delivering consistent value.