4 Ways to Increase Your Creativity

4 Ways to Increase Your Creativity

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The difference between my life before and after discovering the power of routines is as clear as night and day.

Holding space for the activities that spark creative thinking and foster new ideas is a key element for creating sustainable success in business and life.

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It may seem like routines are designed to be consistent, and this is true – good routines are consistent. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t change over time. Routines are meant to evolve as we evolve, just like the world around us.

I’ve found routines to be priceless as a startup founder. In the two years since starting SkyBell, a Wi-Fi video doorbell that lets users answer the door from their smartphones, my routines have evolved as the company, my role in it and my life outside it, changes.

Here are a few ways I’ve changed my routines in order to spark creative thinking and stay in a mindset that is always open to new ideas.

Wake Up Early

Many successful and creative people in the world share one common thread: they all wake up early. I now wake up earlier and understand exactly why this is true.

Waking up early allows you to take care of yourself first by giving you more time to do the things that make you happy — the things you usually skip while racing about your day. Start planning your perfect morning and wake up early to live it.

Not a morning person? Don’t worry. By sticking with a good routine, you can become one. A quick tip is to change your wake-up time incrementally over the course of a few weeks by 30-minute blocks. Also, ear plugs and the F.lux app can help you get to sleep easier.

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Andrew Thomas (@apthomas) is the co-founder of SkyBell Video Doorbell, a smart home security company making homes and neighborhoods safer with a video doorbell that lets users answer their door from a smartphone. Andrew directs SkyBell’s business development, partnerships and strategy and has successfully lead SkyBell to work with Nest, Honeywell, Alarm.com, Comcast Xfinity Home, Amazon Alexa, IControl and IFTTT. Andrew is an IoT expert and rising star in the ranks of the smart home entrepreneurs. Andrew speaks and writes on topics including Internet of Things (IoT), crowd-funding, hardware, funding and startups. Follow Andrew on Twitter: @apthomas.

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