4 Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

4 Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

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If you’re a “serialpreneur” who has more projects, ideas, and startups than you have hours in a day, you don’t need to be told that time is your most valuable resource. It’s likely that you’re used to multitasking and taking on way more than you can handle. The key to being a successful serialpreneur is having the capacity to organize your workflow and think big while keeping all of your plates spinning in the air.

There are countless blogs and websites dedicated to the latest app or software program that promises to make you more productive and better organized. The reality, however, is that change comes from within. While technology can be useful, the only true way to better manage your time and meet your goals is to establish new habits and strategies. Here are some approaches I took.

The Pomodoro Method: Little Breaks for Big Results

The Pomodoro Technique, named after the tomato-shaped timer utilized by the system’s founder, works on the concept of micro breaks. Even the most focused human mind begins to wander and stall without rest. Research shows that attention span and concentration levels dramatically increase on cyclical schedules–periods of intense, sprinting activity, punctuated by brief breaks.

Start with a 25-minute work sprint followed by a five-minute break, and then repeat the cycle four times. Then, take a longer break of between 15 and 30 minutes, or whatever you feel is sufficient to prepare you for the next group of Pomodoro cycles.

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