4 Lessons From Successful Social Media Ninjas

4 Lessons From Successful Social Media Ninjas

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Social media is always changing, especially with new platforms constantly emerging. Not to mention, the drive to find the best way to engage with a loyal following won’t allow you to drop your mobile device. With many business owners trying to stay afloat amidst the changes, they can’t afford to stand by and not take action for there is revenue to be generated.

We reached out to several social media savvy folks to get their take on the precision and agility needed to be a stellar social media ninja. Let us enter the 36 chambers to learn the ways of the social media pro:


Atlanta-based communications expert Margaret Kargbo (@iwondermedia) understands the importance of educating herself and clients about the countless social media platforms and tools.  In addition to constantly spending time reading helpful blogs and sites, she’s invested in expanding her knowledge of social media, taking courses that will make her a stand out social media maven.

“It should be the responsibility of all those taking part in social media for a company to be properly trained,” Kargbo said. “A company who refuses to invest in social media training is setting themselves up for failure.”

Know thy target

Danielle Ricks (@daniellericks), social media specialist for Campaign Consultation, Inc., says, just like a ninja, you must know your mark and identify your target audience to make for a successful social media or digital marketing plan.

Social media is really just a marketing tool. You can use it to sell goods and services, or grow and engage a community. Whether your goal is to gain more customers, expand your brand recognition or speak directly to your constituents, social media is a tool that will allow you to have targeted, strategic conversations. Marketed properly, to the right people, your social media plan will reach the greatest amount of people in the shortest about of time.

Work as a team

Ninjas never go it alone. Christine Johnson (@IAMDTECH), founder of DiversiTech, advocates that businesses not just have one voice on social media platforms.  “By forming a social media council, you can guide the adoption and implementation of social media tools, techniques and policies.

Use your tools

Whether on a mission of espionage assassination, or open warfare, ninjas come armed with a number of devices they can use to execute their mission. “HootSuite, Nimble, TweetDeck, CommuneIT, are some of your tools,” says CEO of Success in the City Cynthia de Lorenzi (@successnthecity). “Businesses wanting to improve online marketing efforts should stay abreast of the emerging tools that help them become more productive and efficient.”

S. Lynn Cooper is a Washington, DC-based digital strategist and communications expert. Cooper is the founder and director of Socially Ahead, a strategic communications agency that specializes in the creation of social and digital strategies and campaign management. Follow her on Twitter at @sociallyahead .