TechWomen 2014: Providing Women with STEM Career Opportunities

TechWomen 2014: Providing Women with STEM Career Opportunities


The following is a feature by‘s Milicent Atieno:

Started back in 2011, TechWomen is part of the United Stated Department of State’s TechWomen exchange program. For the year 2014, tech companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley will play host to 78 women from different countries in Africa and the Middle East, starting Sept. 30 to Nov. 5.

This initiative supports the U.S. global commitment to providing women the necessary access and opportunities they would require to pursue and advance careers in STEM-related fields. The program also seeks to establish a network of mentors hailing from STEM backgrounds in order to encourage more women in their pursuit for STEM education and careers.

The TechWomen 2014 participants are women from Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, Cameroon, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, Rwanda, South Africa, Tunisia, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Yemen.

These women will work side-by-side with techies from America’s top 40 tech companies. They will also be attending various professional networking events and workshops that will be hosted by partners in any one of the following: hardware, software, internet, science, telecommunication and, debuting this year, green technology.

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