3 Ways to Think Big About Your Small Business

3 Ways to Think Big About Starting Your Small Business

By now, this recession is old news — it’s just a part of life. In fact, it’s been around long enough to transition from the euphemistic (“fun-employment”) to the ominous (“The Great Recession.”). And while many of the country’s most diligent workers continue to search for employment, others have decided to take matters into their own hands and create their opportunities. But, the ability to create and ‘ideate’ isn’t always easy.

Here are three ways to help you find a way to start a new side hustle or start-up venture.

What are you already doing for free? There’s the adage that you should do whatever it is in your heart that you would do for free. But, that advice is hard to follow when your passion is playing video games all day and you have a mortgage to pay. Instead of relying on what you would like to do, start with what you already do for free. Are you good at budgeting? Propose to teach financial management camps at freshman orientation at the local college or university. Do you have the ability to connect people easily? Become a matchmaker or create an event where people get together and meet. Don’t limit yourself to what you would like to do for free, start where you are.

Identify your idea space and spend as much time there as possible. It is true: some people’s best ideas come in the shower. For others, those game-changing ideas come while they are driving. Your best ideas could come while you are simply lying in bed. Wherever inspiration hits you most often is where you should try to be for at least an hour of your day. Be real about where that space is and get to thinking!

Find a Team. No man or woman is an island. Find the folks you can trust, and find the folks that are honest with you. Bounce ideas off of them and see what sticks. Some of the best ideas come from general conversations.