Top 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter

25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter

Twitter has been around for seven years and brands still don’t get it. Not all, but quite a few continue to bombard their audience with random tweets and shameless (and very unnecessary) plugs, and just fail to listen to the needs of their customers. However, there are brands that run their social media platform like a well-oiled machine–and for that deserve to be recognized for a job well done.

Social media startup Nestivity announced the 25 most engaged brands on Twitter on Thursday. These social brands were selected based on a study that examined how brands develop relationships with customers, advocates and influencers on Twitter.

Conducted by Evolve Capital Inc. and Dr. Natalie Petouhoff from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, the study analyzed the 100 most-followed brands on Twitter and more than 739,000 tweets over a month’s time.

“Most brands have fallen into the trap of using Twitter for push marketing: broadcasting messages and expecting to influence customers with little to no listening or community building. This view of Twitter as a one-way communication tool severely limits quality interactions between brands and their customers. It is a short-sighted use of an inherently interactive communication channel,” said Nestivity founder and president Henry Min. “We wanted to identify the 25 most engaged brands on Twitter to highlight examples and best practices for how to successfully develop and grow an engaged community of followers.”

The study revealed that “the most prolific content creators” post every 6-20 minutes. Notebook of Love (@Notebook) tops the list, followed by Disney (@disneywords), and then ESPN (@ESPN).

Take a look at the infographic, below, to get all the results from the study: