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10 Reasons You Should Visit Turtle Island

Turtle Island

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime event, sometimes you need a once-in-a-lifetime location. And if you’re planning a wedding, anniversary, vow renewal, or just a long overdue getaway, there’s no place like Turtle Island.

A 500-acre, privately owned island in Fiji that looks like a picture postcard come to life, Turtle Island offers warm sunshine, beaches of powdery sand, sumptuous meals, warm local hospitality, and outdoor activities unlike any you’ll find at a typical all-inclusive resort.

Here are 10 reasons you should visit Turtle Island:


1. It’s Easy to Get There


Considering how far away Fiji is (hint: it’s in the South Pacific), getting to Turtle Island is surprisingly convenient. One direct flight from Los Angeles to Nadi via Fiji Airways takes less than 12 hours. If you’re in Business Class, the hours fly by–pun intended–quite comfortably.


Turtle Airways planes are equipped for land and sea. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)


Once you arrive, it’s a short seaplane or boat ride to the island. Depending on when your flight lands, you may need to stay overnight near the airport or relax at the rejuvenation center.


2. The Traditional Fijian Bure on the Blue Lagoon


Remember the movie Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields? Parts of that movie were filmed here. High, thatched roofs and local wood are hallmarks of the bure–or cabins–on Turtle Island. But don’t let the eco-friendly design fool you; these are luxury digs with high-end fixtures and bedding.


Tradition and luxury come together in the Turtle Island bure. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)


3. Friendly People and Unforgettable Hospitality


Visitors to Turtle Island enjoy true Fijian culture, which stresses the value of friends and family, community, and caring. Culture is shared through stories, songs, and activities where you can learn about the local flora and fauna.


Resort staff and guests pose for a picture. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)

4. Being Pampered by Your Own ‘Bure Mama’


Couples are pampered by a “bure mama,” who attends to their needs during their stay–think of someone akin to a personal concierge. Bure mamas ensure all housekeeping needs are taken care of, can step in as a tour guide when desired, and will even take pictures and prepare photo albums for you to go home with.


The fine hospitality on Turtle Island. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)

5. Award-Winning Cuisine


Travel and Leisure rated Turtle Island’s food among the best in the world. Diners enjoy local seafood, Australian beef, and island-grown fruits and vegetables, accompanied by wines from around the world.




A refreshing salad preceding a delicious dinner. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)


Visitors can enjoy shared dinners open to all guests, as well as many specialty options, including beach picnics, private meals at the bure, lantern-lit lagoon dinners, and moonlit mountaintop dinners. Each bure also has a fully-stocked refrigerator for refreshments anytime.


6. Pristine Beaches That Stretch for Miles


Enjoy Turtle Island’s 14 white, sandy beaches from a daybed on the veranda of your bure, a seaside hammock, on horseback, or simply walking along the beach.


Picturesque Turtle Beach. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)

7. Blissful Pastimes


Guests of Turtle Island can enjoy as many (or as few) activities as they like. Scuba diving, windsurfing, sea kayaking, and fishing are included. Take a glass-bottomed boat ride, walk through jungle paths, or hike to the highest point on the island. Every evening, there’s a sunset dinner party, followed by the chance to take in Fijian music and stories.


Both pool and sea beckon on Turtle Island. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)

8. Private Getaways


There are never more than 14 couples at the resort at one time. Guests’ bures are wide-set for privacy and solitude. While couples are always welcome to dine together at dinner, guests always have the option of dining alone.


Tropical romance. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)

9. Unforgettable Special Events


Couples getting married or renewing their vows have the option of a traditional Fijian ceremony–complete with handmade wedding clothes–and a feast followed by wedding cake. The music, the minister, a champagne toast, and the marriage license are all taken care of.


Entertaining and educational culture. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)

10. No Additional Costs


Guests enjoy a truly all-inclusive vacation–where all meals and beverages are included–plus all activities, laundry services, cultural experiences, spa services, and entertainment. Just like you’d imagine in paradise.

* This article previously appeared on the A Global Lifestyle website.


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