Yvette Noel, CEO of U.DO.U, Shares Top Reasons For Starting a Fitness Brand

Yvette Noel, CEO of U.DO.U, Shares Top Reasons For Starting a Fitness Brand

Too many in our society are sick and unhealthy because we neglect an active lifestyle and proper nutrition.  After her husband lost his mother to diabetes, and soon watching her own mother succumb to pancreatic cancer, these were two life events which had a huge and devastating impact on Yvette Noel’s life. This gave her more drive to be a champion of change by sending a marketplace message to encourage others to take ownership of their lives and get in control of their health.

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Noel is the CEO and co-founder of U.DO.U, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a graduate of Saint Augustine’s University, Yvette obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. After working in corporate America for eight years as a IT business analyst, she pursued her dream of owning and operating a residential facility for troubled teenagers. In 2003, Noah’s Ark Residential Facility successfully opened and, now full-time, she was afforded the opportunity to help young teenagers who faced difficulties at home, in school, and in the community.

Under her leadership and tutelage they learned life skills to find the best within themselves and make a successful transition back into society. “I firmly believe that a helping hand–balanced with work, education, recreation, life skill development, along with spiritual and relational shaping , can mold a troubled life into a triumphant life.”

So what is U.DO.U? U.DO.U’s message articulates that you are the architect of your life, and in fitness there are many ways to achieve your goals. It’s a millennial brand meant to empower you with a passionate focus and motivate you to push past your comfort zone and develop the best and highest version of you.

The apparel-inspired brand challenges you to take risks–to go hard or go home. U.DO.U’s unique position in the fitness industry sends a message that health and fitness is not a one-solution-fits-all way of life. There are many proven paths for individuals to take to achieve their fitness goals. The U.DO.U brand gives you permission to pursue that path and to enjoy the journey in the process.

We recently caught up with Yvette to identify the top five reasons for starting a fitness brand.

1)   My husband and I made the decision to make a lifestyle change to become healthy and fit, setting a better example for our two daughters. Our journey started with Crossfit. At that time we did not realize the type of program Crossfit was. We soon learned that it would push us to our limits.

It was during this time that we decided to build our own fitness brand that would  motivate us and others to start their fitness journey.

2) To promote and motivate people to live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

3) To send an empowering, relevant message that will not only help others improve physically, but also mentally.

4) So that individuals could embrace a healthier lifestyle and understand that taking proper care of themselves is critical. It’s not for others, but for you!

5) To help build confidence and celebrate the fact that everyone is an original and it’s okay to be yourself and not a copy of someone else.

Over the next five years, Noel plans to partner with angel investors to take U.DO.U to the mainstream marketplace and significantly increase brand visibility. Expanding it’s offerings will make it a brand that will stand out in a competitive fitness apparel industry.

Stay connected to Noel and the U.DO.U brand movement at www.UDoUfitness.com, via email at yvettenoel@udoufitness.com or through www.FaceBook.com/udoufitness.

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