How To Reap The Rewards In Business By Thinking Outside The Box

You Only Live Once: So When It Comes to Your Business, Innovate Before It’s Too Late

(Image: Thinkstock)
You only live once, so when it comes to your business, make it happen (Image: Thinkstock)

The most lauded entrepreneurs know that a healthy dose of innovation is a key component of true success in any business. And with that innovation, you may have to mix in a little crazy, a dash of outrageous, in order to break through barriers, rethink concepts and show people that this “new” business idea that you have is worth the risk—for you as a business owner and for them as a customer. Author and businessman Arthur Wiley wrote about embracing crazy in his new book, Only the Crazy and Fearless Win BIG! The Surprising Secrets to Success in Business and in Life (BenBella Books; $24.95), highlighting entrepreneurs and innovators who reaped the rewards of thinking beyond boundaries.

What stops some of us from going there? Fear of saying “F the formula, I’m on some new…” But it’s time to change your perspective. In other words, you only live once! And when it comes to your business, the same applies.

In Twitterville the “you-only-live-once” adage is prevalent (see #yolo) for a variety of reasons. We spotted a few of the ones we think are most inspirational and may help you decide to go ahead and take that risk.