Women of Power: What's Your Body Saying?

Women of Power: What’s Your Body Saying?

Dr. Avis , REnaug
Avis Jones-DeWeever Ph.D., Sheila Coates and Renau Daniels

Do you ever think about what your mannerisms and/or habits say about you? Founder of The Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women, Avis Jones-DeWeever, Ph.D.; creator of Build Your Own Brand (BYOB), Sheila Coates; and Black Enterprise’s own Renau Daniels, Senior Director of Events Sponsorship Sales will host a discussion on the unsaid things that you may be saying at the 2016 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, March 9—12, 2016, at the Hilton Diplomat Resort & Spa, Hollywood, Florida.

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These ladies will be collaborating their expertise for the Don’t Just Embrace Your Power, Embody It executive leadership session where they will help you to identify those learned behaviors and physical habits that may be selling you short as you attempt to climb the corporate ladder.

You can just imagine what’s taken into account when you’re encountered. Often times subtleties like where your eyes are focused when speaking to a client, or what your hands are doing while you’re on a job interview can be the cause of deal makers or breakers in the professional climate. The goal is for what we say and what we do to constantly and wholeheartedly convey confidence, assurance, and certainty. These three women will combine their expertise to help you master what you embody.

Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever founded the global professional firm, Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women, to help entrepreneurs and executives accelerate success while building holistic lives. Through the use of workshops, coaching, courses, and events, Dr. Avis is eager to help clients become intentional, systematic, and effective in achieving elevated success.

Sheila Coates’s BYOB focuses on the importance of creating and maintaining a consistent visual presentation that exudes authenticity, confidence, and character in order to succeed in your personal and professional life. Prior to her own business venture, Coates had an extensive career in the music industry, where she held SVP positions with Sony/BMG, Arista Records, EMI/Capitol, Virgin Records, MCA Records, and more, cultivating, providing guidance to, and inspiring a plethora of artists to career-changing status.

Black Enterprise’s Renau Daniels is Senior Director of Events Sponsorship Sales. Prior to her work with Black Enterprise, Daniels served as the Director of Corporate Development for the NAACP, was owner of Lavish R&R, and was Executive Director of the Ashley Stewart Stores Community Foundation.

Learn from these dynamic women at the 2016 Women of Power Summit. Register now. For a limited time only, use code Holiday16 when you register for a special discounted holiday registration rate.

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