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Women of Power: Envisioning the Bigger Picture

LIsa Nichols

lisa_nicholsMotivational speaker and author Lisa Nichols‘ presence speaks louder than words. It’s as if you know that she knows that she is a catalyst in inspiring people to seize control of their lives and be who we need to be.

At the Women of Power Summit keynote breakfast on Friday, Nichols took all of the energy in the room and not only magnified it but redistributed it — but not before adding her own to the collective. Nichols took advantage of the moment to remind us of the four things we should all strive to incorporate into our journey: power, humility, grace, and prayer–something she does every single day. Along with this, she challenged us all to take the goals that we have and the vision etched into our minds and proclaim that it will come to fruition, “No matter what,” she said.

But to do so, the choice needs to be made today that we will have and be what we want tomorrow. Nichols stressed that we cannot continue to get caught up in the small things or the way we think things should be. She candidly spoke about how she was once so preoccupied in how she needed a situation to play out that she didn’t even realize that a much bigger scenario was unfolding. The vision she had manifested itself into one that she hadn’t even contemplated because she was too bogged down with the small things of wanting the vision to be just as she dreamed it.

Many of use are guilty of doing just as Nichols did: unintentional sabotage. Nichols urged us all that, “We need to give ourselves permission to play bigger.” In doing so, we unlock the doors and release the power within all of us.

Lisa Nichols challenges us to see the bigger picture. Use this exercise to see the vision, no matter what:

Visualize yourself on this day exactly five years from now. Among the things you see within your vision include the following: you have excellent health, the relationships you’ve built are as solid as ever, you’ve achieved financial prosperity, and your career or business endeavors have surpassed your own expectations. In addition, your professional and personal life are at their highest quality to date.

What does this look like? What does it feel like? What does this sound like? You see yourself going about your daily life filled with joy and happiness. Now, declare that this is what you will have in due time. Never forget the vision you have for yourself and work towards actualizing it.

The Women of Power Summit was Feb. 11-14 at the Ritz-Carlton, Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida.

Tennille M. Robinson is the small business editor at Black Enterprise magazine.