[Women of Power] Embracing Your "Masks" and Using Them to Your Advantage

[Women of Power] Embracing Your “Masks” and Using Them to Your Advantage

Masquerade mask
Masquerade mask (Image: weknowyourdreams.com)

Is “code-switching” something that is still prevalent today when navigating professional and personal circles? 
We have to ask ourselves based off of our analysis of the environment, ‘what’s necessary for this moment?’ The code-switch is the ability to go in and out of that. A code-switch is an example of having a comfort with going in between two different identities or masks. Code-switching is a necessity because our environments have different needs.

The mask is not simply something used to hide and conceal. A mask is part of who you are and it’s about strategically using it for your benefit.

You are founder and CEO of Think Actuality, LLC. What are the priorities you take into consideration when starting a new business venture?
The first thing is impact: what impact can I have [and] where? You also have to figure out the scope of the impact that you to have.

What are your three tips for cultivating success in professional or personal lives?

1. Be confident in your competence and stay in that lane.

2. Be more emotionally resilient.

3. Have a peace about who you are.

What are some ways you stay up to date with technology advancements in the workplace? Do you find it difficult to stay up to speed with the changes?
That’s actually on my to-do list. Everything now is multimedia. To stay competitive you have to have all these multimedia elements on your site. I’ve decided to sign up for a multimedia/digital marketing class to learn how to do it. I need to start doing it myself.

What can attendees expect of the Mask Mixer at the 2016 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit?
I’m really looking forward to creating a safe space for women to share their stories. Also, to build relationships with other women who have common experiences.

For more information on Dr. Charles’s mask project be sure to check out www.OurMasks.com. You may also find her audio book, The Art of Unmasking: Peeling Back the Layers to Maximize your Personal & Professional Success, available on the site.

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