Power Women: It's Realistic to Get What You're Worth

Power Women: It’s Realistic to Get What You’re Worth

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It’s been said that oftentimes women are not as aggressive or effective at making the ask or getting what they deserve when it comes to promotions and salaries. Women will often do all the hard work but be less than authoritative about getting top value for that work. So, how do women determine their professional market value and get top dollar for it?

Brazen Careerist shares real-life stories of women who fought for what they believe they deserved and got it. Author Emily Bennington writes:

At a recent dinner party, I met Debi Hemmeter, co-founder of Sheryl Sandberg’s nonprofit, LeanIn. Debi’s story of negotiating her salary early in her career is a must-read for every professional, regardless of gender. Debi chatted excitedly about how she used those same skills to garner her current role. “I watched Sheryl’s TED talk,” she said, “and just thought, ‘This needs to be so much bigger, and I can help.’” Debi knows her worth.

At the same party, I was seated next to Leslie Blodgett. When I asked what she did, she casually replied, “I co-founded Bare Escentuals makeup.”

“Oh, congratulations,” said another guest. “I read that sale was around $3 billion.”

“Actually,” said Leslie, “it was around $1.7 billion.”

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