Women at Work: Act Like a Lady, Play Ball Like the Guys

Women at Work: Act Like a Lady, Play Ball Like the Guys

Arguably one of the biggest reasons men tend to be more progressive than women in business is because they are socialized around sports. In competitive sporting arenas, boys are taught to be tough and aggressive with a focus on winning at any cost. Girls have been traditionally taught to be modest, kind and to “play nice.”

It is why some schools are now making sports a curricular requirement for girls as studies have found that girls who play sports show improved grades and are better at goal setting. And increasingly working professionals are engaging in sporting activities not just as a way to maintain their health but to better manage their mental approach to pressures on the job.

Tennis champion Venus Williams recently penned Come to Win, featuring over 40 corporate, business and creative professionals who explain how athletic training has positively impacted their careers. Here are several reasons why thinking like an athlete could improve your performance at work from the experts who utilize them.–Sonia Alleyne (All images: Thinkstock)