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Will Expectations Change for Obama’s Re-election Campaign?

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As President Obama approaches re-election season, some question whether the momentum will be strong (Image: WhiteHouse.gov)

Much has happened in the two and a half years since Obama took office. The economic recovery has dragged along and unemployment remains high. Federal budget cuts are weakening vital human and social services, while banks, car companies and wealthy people get passes. In addition, Obama has backtracked on his promise to Guantanamo Bay, and to bring our troops home. Instead we have gotten involved in another military invasion. Even Obama’s greatest achievement, the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010, is a ‘compromise’ compared to the single payer and public option plans we were looking to have.

Now some folks have been awakened to the possibility that Obama was not what everyone had envisioned him to be. It’s not necessarily Obama’s fault since I think that folks did a pretty good job of deluding themselves. Various polls have suggested that Obama’s approval rating is somewhat down in the African American community. I say all of this because I don’t know if this time around Obama’s campaign will be enough to inspire folks. In fact, the launch video in the e-mail kind of takes on a more pragmatic approach instead of the idealistic ‘Yes We Can’ of 2008.

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