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The WIE Symposium: New York Event Connects Everyday Power Women with Industry Celebrities

WIE Network co-founder Dee Poku, with fashion and TV business icon Tyra Banks and Nadja Swarovski (Image: Twitter/Swarovski)

When you can fill a room (or three floors) with talented power women at the top of their game and connect those women with fab, female bosses-on-the-come-up, you know you’re on to something. On Sept. 20 and 21, the WIE Network hosted its fourth annual WIE Symposium, with a roster of female business leaders in news, fashion, entertainment and sports, including Katie Couric, Tyra Banks, Lisa Leslie, Norma Kamali, Brooke Shields and Stacy Tisdale. These women were part of a series of panels that included insights and tips on networking, financial fitness, negotiation savvy and business acumen at Center 548 in New York City.

I had the pleasure of attending, and I must say, it was a full two days of inspiration, networking and business connections. I find that wherever I go, I’m always trying to find ways to connect with people or connect others with people who can help them on a project or initiative. Two panels in particular held a special interest for me: “Building Your Personal Brand,” moderated by WIE Network co-founder Dee Poku and the master class on financial acumen, hosted by Stacey Tisdale. These were especially interesting because each were real-life manifestations of their title and topic, providing a platform for me to truly connect with the people behind the brands and the advice that was both relatable and applicable to my life as a female millennial professional.

Check out the following Storify on tips and advice you can use for success in your life and career:

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