Why Wasn't GOP Angry When IRS Audited NAACP in 2004?

Why Wasn’t GOP Angry When IRS Audited NAACP in 2004?

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be newsIn a recent opinion piece on the Grio,   former president of the NAACP Julian Bond talks about the scrutiny the IRS gave the NAACP under his leadership; and how it compares to the current GOP outrage of Tea Party groups allegedly being targeted by the IRS leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

Bond told the Grio on Monday, “of course there is a racial double standard. Black people audited – no big deal. Overwhelmingly white and racist Tea Party audited? Super outrage!”

Bond said the so-called “IRS scandal” is getting so much attention because of the GOP’s unabashed self-righteousness.

“The Republicans speak with one voice in their outrage; they always seem louder,” he said. “In fact, it is the only thing they do.”

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