Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Need a Track Record to Succeed

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Need a Track Record to Succeed

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As an entrepreneur, I see the world a bit differently. Since I’ve never had a full-time job or received much training at my part-time work, I’ve always gone with my gut on how certain tasks should be approached.

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While experience has its benefits, in my experience, inexperience can lead to innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. That’s how I approached my idea for Valuation App, a mobile app for financial analysis. I didn’t have the money or the marketing resources to get an app built and promoted, so I used crowdfunding as a means to finance it. Using just a deck, I raised money from 57 people to crowdfund the app’s expenses. I requested $11 from each person and raised close to $4,000. And it worked – the app is now available on Android and iOS, and even led to my next venture.

I didn’t know how things traditionally worked, but that only contributed to my spirit of adventure and willingness to tackle situations according to my own inherent logic. I never thought: “but this isn’t how it’s done.” Instead, I approached every problem with a fresh perspective that allowed me to accomplish exactly what I set out to do. I was able to cultivate this mindset by doing the following:

  • Not being too stuck on how the world traditionally functions;
  • Approaching situations the way a child would – without pre-conceived notions;
  • Considering all possibilities and discounting nothing.

Even better, this approach helped me earn credibility as someone who could hustle, stay persistent and be innovative.

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Sohin Shah is an angel investor and a mentor to startups who can be reached at www.sohinshah.com. In 2012, he successfully crowdfunded Valuation App with 57 backers and went on to pioneer real estate crowdfunding.

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