Why Aren't More New Dads Taking Paternity Leave?

Why Aren’t More New Dads Taking Paternity Leave?

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and a new study suggests that at least some fathers aren’t getting the love and respect they deserve.

A report by the Society of Human Resource says that although about 15 percent of U.S. firms offer new dads some form of paternity leave, gender stereotyping is causing them not to take it.

“Most employers still assume that work comes first for men, while women do all the child care,” University of Oregon sociologist Scott Coltrane told the Wall Street Journal.

Several reports over the past few years have suggested that more dads are staying at home with their children than in years past. A 2012 CNN report said that men were hit harder by the economic crisis, and found it harder than their spouses to get back into the workforce. The result? More stay-at-home dads. Many families cited a steep drop in child care costs as a primary reason it worked.

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