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Who Will Be the Next ‘Celebrity Apprentice’?


  • Star Jones
  • Jones is mostly known for her nine-year run as co-host for the Emmy Award winning talk show The View, but she has a television career that spans back to her 1991 debut as volunteer commentator on CourtTV. She was named the NBC Legal Correspondent for the Today Show and NBC Nightly News only six months later. The next twenty years includes her hosting her own syndicated show, Jones & Jury; acting as host and executive editor of The Star Jones Show on truTV; as well as stints on E! Entertainment Television and CBS‘s Inside Edition. Outside of Jones’ roles as television personality or contributing writer (The Huffington Post and Global Grind), she’s an attorney and former prosecutor with an impressive conviction rate of 31 out of 33.
  • Strength
  • Modern-day Renaissance Woman: With her extensive on-air experience coupled with her law credentials, the best-selling author just might be able to talk her way out of any situation (or sell anything to anyone).
  • Weakness
  • Not Keeping a Tight Lip: Jones took to the airways when her dispute with Barbra Walters ensued. It was apparent she did not have a proper exit strategy set in place, after her contract with The View wasn’t renewed.