White Indiana Nurse Loses Job After Commentary About George Floyd

White Indiana Nurse Loses Job After Stating George Floyd Died ‘Probably Because He Was High on Meth, Fentanyl, and Positive for COVID”

Kristy Ann Wilker Indiana nurse
(Image: Twitter Screenshot)

A white Indiana nurse went on social media to suggest that George Floyd’s death was “probably because he was high on meth, Fentanyl, and positive for COVID.” Because of her rant about “Black privilege” the nurse is now unemployed, according to Heavy.

Kristy Ann Wilker was terminated from her job as a nurse at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana, due to the viral video of her rant about Black privilege and her explanation for the cause of death of police killing victim Floyd.

Wilker stated that “Black privilege is thinking you are deserved or entitled to something because of the color of your skin. They, people, Black people especially, do get special scholarships. They are also shielded from a lot of scrutiny because of the color of their skin.”

Floyd died after Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. An autopsy ruled the cause of death “asphyxia from sustained forceful pressure.” But, Wilker’s “expert” opinion states otherwise.

“He started to have a freakout panic attack when they put him in the car probably because he was high on meth, Fentanyl, and positive for COVID. Was the police officer’s foot in the wrong spot? Maybe but, you know, um, meth and Fentanyl, and positive COVID are probably more leading factors to an [myocardial infarction] so do your research.”

A Twitter user posted the video for all the world to see!

Another Twitter user posted this.