Where to Eat in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Where to Eat in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Image of the U.S. Virgin Islands
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It’s no secret that the Caribbean is known for some of the best food in the world.  If you’re looking to satisfy your discerning palate, the U.S. Virgin Islands should no doubt be top of mind. Tropical wonderlands that boasts jaw-dropping hilltop views and hidden coves that protect sugary white beaches and crystal-clear waters, the three sister islands in the Caribbean (St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John) are the perfect backdrop for exploring local cuisine. Food in the Virgin Islands ranges from casual “food shacks” to elegant, high-end restaurants. And the best part about it is that no matter what you choose — you can’t go wrong!

We’ve outlined some of the best food destinations in the U.S. Virgin Islands that will make you want to lick the screen once you’re done reading!

Gladys’ Café (St. Thomas)
One of the more popular restaurants downtown, Gladys serves up authentic USVI cuisine for its patrons. Locals and tourists pile in for her callaloo, oxtails, fungi, Ole Wife (triggerfish), fried plantains and sweet potatoes. Gladys’ homemade hot sauces (for sale at the front) also make a fine souvenir for those looking to bring a bit of the islands back home with them. Not to mention, you get your own local version of an R&B concert, with the staff belting out tunes throughout your meal. Two for one!

Old Stone Farmhouse (St. Thomas)
Looking for an upscale dining option in the USVI? The Old Stone Farmhouse provides the perfect ambiance–whether for business, leisure or romance. The restaurant features seafood, steakhouse and vegetarian menus inspired by French technique and local Caribbean ingredients. It has the perfect blend of historic ambiance and cutting-edge cuisine. Steaks are hand cut to order – size specified by the guest. The island’s local fish (yellow tail, wahoo, mahi mahi, and grouper) are always in house.


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AquaTerra Oceanfront Grill (St. Thomas)
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not have it with one of the best views of the islands? Look no further than the AquaTerra Oceanfront Grill at the Frenchman’s Reef & Marriott Morningstar Beach Resort. Offering a majestic view of Charlotte Amalie Harbor and serveing Caribbean and American favorites including a deluxe breakfast buffet, this is sure to get your day started right. Not to mention, you can eat, eat, and eat some more to your heart’s content!

La Reine Chicken Shack (St. Croix)
Come hungry is you visit the La Reine Chicken Shack — as you’re sure to leave with a full belly! Home to some of the most authentic, delicious Crucian food on the island, the chicken shack has not only become a local staple, but a favorite to tourists who are searching for delicious island food. The rotisserie chicken is mouthwatering and can be seen cooking right behind the building. Other top local items on the menu include stewed oxtail, the conch in butter sauce, and of course the USVI version of the famous “johnny cakes.”

Cast Iron Pot (St. Croix)
Located in Estate Princesse, the brand new Cast Iron Pot Restaurant features land to sea dishes such as savory stew chicken, fresh local goat, salt fish gundy, red peas soup, catch of the day pot fish and signature coconut bread pudding. Chef Burton Peterson serves up some authentic Crucian cuisine.

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