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What Shade of Green are You?

greenfashionglobehand1A 2007 study segmented consumers into five groups based on their green attitudes and actions. Conducted by Gfk Roper Consulting, a market research firm based in New York City, the survey showed that the marketplace is divided as follows. (% of U.S. population)

  1. True Blue Greens (30%): Environmental leaders and activists who are most likely to live by the green principles they promote.
  2. Green Back Greens (10%): These individuals don’t have the time to completely adhere to green principles, and are unlikely to sacrifice comfort and convenience for the environment. But they are willing to buy green products.
  3. Sprouts (26%): This group straddles the fence, buying green only if it suits their needs.
  4. Grousers (15%): This group is both uninvolved and dispassionate about green issues; they believe individual behavior cannot improve the environment.
  5. Apathetic (18%): Believing that indifference toward the environment is the mainstream, this group isn’t concerned enough to take any action.

What Shade of Green Are You?

Which kind of green consumer are you? 

True Blue Green
Green Back Green