What Companies Want to See On Your Social Media Profiles

Ready to Work: What Companies Want to See on Your Social Media Profiles

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

We’ve all heard what not to do on social networking sites, from writing inappropriate statuses to posting inappropriate pictures and making inappropriate comments. All of those are actions that can hurt your employment options.

Now in the new year, it’s time we switch it up a little and shed light on what employers want to see on your social networking profiles that will have them calling you in for an interview.

Indication of current work: If you are currently employed while applying to other jobs, it may not be a bad idea to list the company that you work for in your profile. When potential employers view your page, it will show that you already have experience in a professional setting and that you are eager and ready to work.

High engagement: Social media plays a major role in many careers and when employers view a future employee’s profile, they want to see that they know how to use the site. Actively updating your status with new statements and retweets on Twitter can show that you are engaged with your followers, well-versed on the latest happenings in the world and in your industry, and will hopefully be engaged with other coworkers in the company.

Polished branding: Even if you have privacy settings on your social media accounts, your profile picture can still be seen through a quick Google search. When changing profile pictures make sure you are posting a picture that you won’t mind your co-workers, boss, or future employer seeing. To future employers it will show that you maintain a professional online image even when you are unaware of someone watching.