Ways Entrepreneurs Can Recharge in 2013

Ways Entrepreneurs Can Recharge in 2013

Ways to Recharge Your Small Business in 2013

Ways to Recharge Your Small Business in 2013As the calendar turns from 2012 to 2013, small business owners often find themselves finishing up projects, closing deals and reviewing the past year. Between following the outcome of the fiscal cliff crisis, balancing holiday time with running your business, and other last minute issues, most owners are exhausted. The clean slate of a new year brings the chance to restart, rejuvenate and reinvigorate ourselves and our small businesses.

First, small business owners should take time to reflect on 2012. What were some of your businesses’ biggest accomplishments? What were some of your biggest mistakes? Owners would do well to celebrate their successes as well as figure out what went wrong, before rushing into the new year.

Entrepreneurs should use January as a chance to review their clients, customers and contacts. Make a list of persons and companies you’d like to partner with in the new year.  Pinpoint the most important people you’ve worked with in the last year, whether they’re colleagues, interns or customers. Use this time to let them know just how much you appreciate them and what exactly they did for you. Good relationships are critical to future networking so time spent now can reward dividends.

American Express OPEN Forum listed several other ways entrepreneurs can recharge in the New Year.

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