[WATCH] Family Settles Lawsuit in Fatal Shooting Involving Police Officer

[WATCH] Family Settles $5.3 Million Lawsuit in Fatal Shooting Involving Police Officer

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According to reports, the family of Samuel DuBose has settled its claims with the University of Cincinnati stemming from his death after being shot by a police officer during a traffic stop.

University of Cincinnati Police Department (UCPD) Officer Ray Tensing shot DuBose, an unarmed black man, on July 19, 2015 after stopping him for a missing front license plate.

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Tensing initially claimed that DuBose had begun to drive off and that he was being dragged when his arm became caught in DuBose’s car, but footage from Tensing’s bodycam showed that he was not dragged and a grand jury indicted him on charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter.

He was subsequently fired from the police department and released on bond, but no trial date has been set.

Video via Cincinnati.com

The family’s settlement includes the following compensation:

  • The university will pay $4,850,000 and provide an undergraduate education free of tuition and fees for the 12 children of DuBose, which is estimated to be valued at approximately $500,000.
  • It will work with the family to establish an appropriate memorial commemorating Samuel DuBose on campus.
  • President Santa J. Ono will issue an apology to the family for the loss of Samuel DuBose.
  • The university will invite the DuBose family to attend and participate in Community Advisory Committee meetings, the focal point for community input on comprehensive police reform, and will review the results of the external audit of the UCPD.

“They’ve lost somebody through a tragedy that was completely avoidable,” one of the family’s attorneys, Mark O’Mara told reporters. “Now, they’re part of this special group of people that have their black family members killed by cops.”

University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono said, “I want to again express on behalf of the University of Cincinnati community our deepest sadness and regrets at the heartbreaking loss of the life of Samuel DuBose. This agreement is also part of the healing process not only for the family but also for our university and Cincinnati communities.”