WATCH: Denzel Washington Inspires Louisiana Youth

[WATCH] Denzel Washington Inspires Youth at Louisiana Boys and Girls Club

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Hollywood heavyweight Denzel Washington has been a longtime supporter of the Boys and Girls Club, having credited the organization with being a positive part of his early growth and development. He’s even in their Hall of Fame and has donated significant money and time to helping the organization grow and advocate for its importance in the lives of youth.

Recently, the Magnificent Seven star took a break from filming to chat with youth in Baton Rouge about following their passions and how to tap into success.

“You don’t have to be number one. You gotta be the best you that you can be,” he told the youth, according to reports. “When I started off as an actor I said, ‘I wanna be the best actor in the world.’ Well, I won the Oscar—twice for what they considered to be best actor at the time—but I learned by that time it wasn’t about being the best actor in the world, it was about being the best that I could be. I want you all to be the best that you can be at whatever it is you choose to be.”

Watch more of his visit below: