Warren Sapp Bankruptcy: Former NFL Player Discharged From Case

Warren Sapp Catches a Break in Bankruptcy Case

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warren sapp speakingA sizable amount of debt was erased when a federal judge discharged former NFL player Warren Sapp from his bankruptcy case on September 24, TMZ is reporting.

The celebrity gossip site first reported that Sapp, a 13-year NFL veteran, had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in April.

Sapp had been in the news recently for calling Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall a “retard” on the Dan Patrick Show. He shortly issued an apology.

Marshall, who has been treated for anger management and borderline personality disorder, quickly fired back.

“Listen, I got a very disturbing heads-up on something Warren Sapp said, called me retarded,” Marshall said in an online video. “That’s really disappointing to hear that from an NFL legend, but I’m going to take this as a lesson, and I think we all can learn from this. Be very careful who you take advice from. You know, you want to surround yourself with good people, Godly people. When I look at Warren Sapp, I can’t go to him and talk about finances because he filed for bankruptcy. I can’t go to him and talk about my marriage because he filed for divorce. I can’t go to him and talk about being a great father because one day I’m going to have children because he’s not active in his children’s life.”

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