Want to Make Bigger Boss Moves? Here's How Move On Up

Want to Make Bigger Boss Moves? Here’s How Move On Up

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So you’ve reached that peak in your current position, excelled at projects and brought value to the company. Now what? You want to keep growing and advancing, but you can’t do that without more responsibilities. Well, here’s how you position yourself to take that next step:

1. Evaluate what you can do. You may want more responsibility, but what does that actually mean to you? Does it mean a cozy corner office? The ability to manage people? Trying out a new skill? Figuring out why you want more career responsibility and what you want to accomplish will help you to create a plan of attack.

2. Explore what you’d like in return. Let’s say you’re a junior advertising executive and want to move up the ladder. Does moving up mean more money or a title change? Some people need both, while others are okay with one or the other. Exploring what you’d like in return assists you in understanding the benefits of more responsibility, whether those benefits are monetary, professional or a bit of both.

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