Want to Boost Your Business? Here's 5 Strategies for Success [Photos]

Want to Boost Your Business? Here’s 5 Strategies for Success [Photos]

Breakthrough Strategy #4: Don't put all your ribs in one bucket

Lefty’s Barbecue has always been a popular Prince George's County, Maryland rib emporium that has left customers salivating for more. Noting the reaction from customers, Walter Nash Jr., son of the founders, was hit with a novel idea for diversification: Manufacture and sell its mouth-watering sauces and spice mixes as retail products.

With $30,000 in savings, he formed Lefty’s Spices L.L.C., a division of restaurant and catering holding company, managing to take the family business national by placing their products on the shelves of more than 2,500 stores and retail chains, including Safeway, A&P/Pathmark, Giant Eagle, Walmart and Sam’s Club.