Black Man Tased By White Police Officers After Buying Bike at Walmart

Video Shows Black Man Tased By White Police Officers After He Bought a Bike at Walmart

Black man tased Walmart
(Image: Screenshot)

A Black man was tased after being thrown to the ground by two white police officers at a Pennsylvania Walmart in an incident caught on video, according to The Urban Daily.

The man, Stanley G. Gracius, 37, was at Walmart to purchase a bicycle for his son. A video of the initial incident, caught by a Twitter user layla, shows the police officers attacking him at the cash register after he paid for the bike. The police officers used a taser on him as he is questioning why he was being detained.

There was another video posted on Reddit that showed what happened once the police officers took him out of the store.

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A statement was issued by the Berks County District Attorney.