Entrepreneurs Conference: Getting a Seat at the Venture Capital Table

Venture Capital: A Debate on How to Minorities & Women Can Get a Seat at the Table

Panelists at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference talked about venture capital access. (Image: Patrick Austin/Black Enterprise)

At the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference, business leaders and advocates talked venture capital and minority access to funding. Moderated by Shark Tank executive, Rodney S. Sampson, the panelists for the session titled, “Opportunity Up: Accessing Equity Capital,” included Natalia Oberti Noguera, founder and CEO of the Pipeline Fellowship; Lauren Maillian Bias, entrepreneur and author of The Path Redefined; Shaz Niazi of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission; and Rich Longdale of NCT Ventures.

A key topic during the session was about the inclusiveness of minorities and women when it comes to having a seat at the table with people who could provide vital seed capital for businesses to grow.

Check out a few insights from this discussion on how minorities and women can gain access and the challenges they face in seeking it: