Branding Expert on Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Turning Tragedy into Triumph: Branding Expert Talks Importance of Owning Your Story

(Image: Brown)

Natasha Brown: 10 Blessings of Betrayal shares the story of my journey in 2014. I was wrongfully accused and framed of trying to kill someone who I loved dearly, and also injuring two other grown men. Afterward, I experienced various other personal tribulations that brought me to a very low point and out of my character. Only through faith and family (not all blood related), was I restored to a better state. After the situation was resolved, I was still very resentful and harbored a lot of anger, and I sat down to release my feelings through writing. But what happened was divine intervention. God revealed my journey in the form of blessings that had been given to me, not what had been taken away.

I operate a very public business so it was hard for me to deal with these private matters while trying to keep it together for media, clients, and constituents. Any entrepreneur who experiences real life struggles (that have the potential to boil over in their public space) can probably relate to that. I’ve done a lot of work to help people build their businesses, but this book is designed to nurture the spirit.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to an entrepreneur or seasoned professional who has faced a personal setback and may be afraid of being criticized or judged?

I like to say that storytelling creates sustainability–meaning, you save lives, businesses, relationships and communities when you share your testimony. Think of all the teachers you’ve had. They were able to teach you, only because they had real life examples in which you could relate.

It’s no different for any of us. If you’ve overcome a setback or figured out a way to do something better, there is no greater service that you can do than connect with those who need to hear your message. This is what keeps me going, when someone or something tries to discourage me.

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