Trump Retweets 'Manipulated Media' of Biden Playing 'F*** tha Police'

Trump Retweets ‘Manipulated Media’ of Joe Biden Playing NWA’s ‘F*** tha Police’

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President Donald Trump, the creator of the term “fake news” has been making some of his own. The president retweeted a fake video, formally known as manipulated media, on Wednesday morning featuring his rival, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, grooving to the sounds of the NWA song “F— tha Police.”

This is Trump’s latest act of retweeting a fake or doctored image from his Twitter account. Twitter was quick to flag the content as “manipulated media.”

The below Tweet is the original video that is not doctored.

Trump then retweets the same video but with a different caption.

Between both Tweets, the video clip has been retweeted almost 100,000 times from Trump’s Twitter account.

Some Twitter users shared their disgust with the president for doing so.