Travel To Dos in Madrid, Spain

Travel To Dos in Madrid, Spain

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Tapas. Wine. Flamenco. Wine. Bull Fighting. More Wine.

As I entered the city of Madrid, Spain, I was immediately bombarded with a culture so different than my own, yet, so intriguing. At first glance, I thought I was experiencing déjà vu; I felt like I was in New York City (or maybe New York City on steroids), with the thousands of natives and visitors alike, walking the streets. Then after further analyses, I became enthralled with the ”architectural artwork”, as I called it, surrounding me. It was the buildings, the statues, the plazas, the cafes, and the people that made up this artwork. I found myself caught up in a traveler’s high as I continued to gaze in awe. Oh, I knew that this high kept me up for some days. This was that ”good-good” high.

So, what is so great about Madrid? See first sentence. Then add fabulous shopping, rich history, and just plain fun to the mix. What does that equal? THE EXPERIENCE. And because I had such a FAB experience while there, I had to compile my list of ”must dos” in Madrid, Spain: