Travel Company Offers 100 Free Getaways to Black Activists
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Travel Company Offers 100 Free Getaways to Black Activists

Getaway X Rachel Cargle
Activist Rachel Cargle (Image: Getaway)

Getaway, the lodging company known for its tiny cabins situated in nature, is making the statement that rest is a form of resistance and is vital to the revolution. The brand has launched 100 Nights of Rest, which will grant 100 one-night stays at one of its cabins to modern-day freedom fighters.

“Black Lives Matter. Change is hard fought. Rest is vital to making this a movement, not just a moment,” the company wrote on its website. “We support the critical work taking place, and want to offer access to a quiet spot in nature as a resource.”

The company has partnered with activist, academic, writer, and lecturer Rachel Cargle and the Loveland Foundation, the nonprofit she started in 2018 after raising $250,000 to provide access to mental health care for Black women and girls.

“Black people, staying alive and well is the resistance because that’s what they’ve tried to rob us of generation after generation,” Cargle wrote on the Getaway site. “So just being alive and being well—that is your work.”


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As the black community continues to fight for our rights, our justice, our lives we cannot forget that the revolution cannot happen with exhaustion. • After a recent restful weekend of my own, I got in touch with @getawayhouse to see how we could get more black people in safe and relaxing spaces. We developed this initial partnership #100nightsofrest to grant the black community on the front lines a night of rest that they deserve — free of cost and with things like transportation and food cost covered! • Swipe through and at the link in my bio you will find a nomination form and more information about our partnership and this small but really meaningful step toward reminding black people that rest, too, is part of the revolution. • #RevolutionNow • If you’re interested in more conversation about the ways rest is indeed a major part of the revolution follow and learn from my own teacher @thenapministry.

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The free night is valid at any one of Getaway’s outposts and never expires. The company is also providing each winner with a $200 Visa e-gift card to cover food for the night and the cost of transportation to and from the outpost.

Getaway is accepting nominations through September 24 from Black people “working for change” or “fighting for the Black community,” including community organizers, healthcare workers, teachers, artists, and others. Winners will be chosen weekly. You can nominate someone deserving here.