Trakdot Ensures Travelers Never Lose Their Suitcase Again

Luggage Tracker Trakdot Ensures Travelers Never Lose Their Suitcase Again

(Image: GlobaTrac)
(Image: GlobaTrac)

The last thing anyone wants to deal with on vacation is a lost bag. That feeling while you wait, wait and wait some more for your luggage to come around the track is not what you’d envisioned at the start of your much-need R&R session. Come March, though, there will be a device aimed at locating your suitcase before it has the chance of getting lost.

Los Angeles, California-based GlobaTrac, LLC debuted a tracking device, Trakdot, at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show that is designed to put a stop to the nearly 25 million pieces of luggage lost each year.

The Root’s tech-life expert Stephanie Humphrey reports in a recent article:

“Trakdot by GlobaTrac is a device that you keep in your bag so it can keep track of your bag’s whereabouts. Using GSM technology, TrakDot will send you a text message or email when you land, letting you know that your bag also made it to the airport. If your bag gets lost, the device can tell you which airport it went to, making it easier for airline reps to locate and return it to you.”

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