Top 5 Cool Jobs for the Free-Spirited

Top 5 Cool Jobs for the Free-Spirited

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So, you don’t like the cubicle life, loathe wearing a suit (or anything dictacted by dress code) or you just want flexibility in your daily work. You know you must pay the bills but you don’t want live a life without adventure, constant change or new experiences. Maybe your diversity of skills don’t fit one box or your aspirations—mixed with your aptitudes—are more suited for a bohemian career path.

Well, these five cool jobs are great options for you:

1. Freelance Writer or Producer

Whether it’s working as a ghost writer for autobiographies, creating Web content for a media company, putting together special packages for brands, or reviewing a travel or food experience, freelance writing has many avenues and can often be done from any corner of the world.

You can either build up a repertoire of work where you’re the go-to person for a particular topic or issue or you can take on assignments as they come. The great thing is that you’re not necessarily tied down to one employer and you can stack your money from diverse sources and keep the creative juices flowing through diverse experiences.

Salary: Varies (Up to $120,000+)